Monday, November 11, 2013

When the news the doctor brings is more than just good

When my journey into the world of cancer began sometime at December last year, I, like any other cancer patient, had no idea what this ‘adventure’ would entail.  Inevitably, it would include a suffering and what many would call a cancer-pain.  That never really caused me much worry as I knew that as a disciple of Christ, that pain and that suffering had a hidden purpose that goes beyond what is on the surface.  Carried well and with love, it can even save souls.  To be sure, there was actually very little actual pain in the first seven months of my diagnosis, and for this, I am grateful.  I haven’t really asked around, but in my own experience, perhaps for Leukemia patients, the pain is of a different kind. 

But it was only lately that the pain and suffering began to take on a new dimension.  That encounter with idiopathic pneumonia had totally weakened my entire body and my breathing for the past two months has been very labored and strained as I begin to re-train my lungs to work in their normal way.  The only way I can do this is to just to my breathing exercises each day, and this itself is such an energy sapping exercise. 

In the midst of all this that happens in the confines of my home, my doctor asked that I undergo a Bone Marrow Aspiration.  This invasive procedure was the very one that I had to undergo in February this year, where my bone marrow was cored and the sample was sent to the labs, the results showing that there were a lot of blast cells, showing the presence of a blood cancer in me.  That was when I became a cancer patient.

It had been more than 100 days since July 25, the Feast Day of St James, that I received so gratefully the stem-cells from my mystery perfect-match donor from America.  This gave the doctor reason to order the Bone Marrow Aspiration for the third time this year.  Last Wednesday, I went for the procedure and left the results to the Lord with great trust.  The very next day, the initial report came back and the kind doctor informed me that there are no longer any cancer cells in me, and I am henceforth cancer-free.

Cancer-free!  I now know the experience of truly being vindicated.  God has heard the prayer of his servant and has given him new life!  I have been truly transformed and offered life anew by my God.  No one is able to truly understand how liberating this experience is.  My faith handles this piece of news in ways that must be different from people who merely wanted to hear good news.  My experience of this causes me to truly enter into the mystery of new life, transformed life, and yes, even the resurrected life.  There is no gratitude strong enough, and thanksgiving is endless.  Easter has come early for me!

In my continuing convalescence at home, the suffering and pain still continues.  I still surprise myself at just how weakened my entire body is.  I wanted to 'celebrate' this piece of news by attempting a recipe at a simple dessert that entailed an entire packet of crushed Digestive Biscuits for its base.  I could only manage four pieces and found myself panting and unable to continue.  4 measly biscuits.  But I laughed silently to myself that if this is rock bottom, I am still in a good place.  I am still tired all the day long, just breathing.  But I know this will end and I will be slowly getting back my strength, even if it takes a whole year.  Being cancer-free gives me the confidence that I just have to discipline myself, take my time and respond to God’s daily prompting of how I can be used by him in the confines of my home to glorify his name and be useful to the Church through the silent walls of my home.

There are a plethora of places in the Psalms where the just man continues to stay faithful to the Lord somehow suffers in justice, while the sinful man seems to enjoy life, but all the while, the central message is to not give in, not give up and continue to be faithful to the Lord.  It may appear that the Lord is doing nothing, but that is only from our point of view, which is of course, a very very limited one.  My experience has been something very close to this, and Scripture has become something that is so alive for me.  The doctor's good news has become God's news.

I still offer daily Masses for the many who are still suffering in so many ways.  My prayer is often that those who are suffering never despair, never give up on loving their fellow man and woman in their pain and suffering, and most of all, that they never give up hope in life, especially if they are baptized Catholics whose greatest gift is that they have been given the Life of Christ at their baptism. 

Today’s blog is really for all of you who have been journeying with me for such a long time.  You and your prayers have become a great part of my transformation, and I am ever so grateful.  

I have a humble request from you my blog readers.  When I first broke the news to all of you in my February post that I had cancer, you literally poured out your hearts in writing very loving and heartfelt blog responses to that news, and I had a massive 81 comments, telling me that you were all going to be behind me in prayer.  This prayer has borne fruit, and one concrete way to give thanks to God in our Catholic Tradition is to write a letter of thanksgiving.  It's a common feature in Novenas to show everyone just how grateful we are for God's grace to be manifest in our lives and it is a witness to God's presence and power.  Can I request that you do this in this blog as your form of thanksgiving together with me?  And as you do this, may your heart and your lives be ever blessed, and may you continue to be effective witnesses to the glory, and the power of God.  God love you.


  1. Dear Fr Luke

    Praise the Lord! This is indeed the most relieving news for us readers this morning. Our God is an amazing and merciful God! He never gets tired of hearing our prayers.

    Will continue to praise God & give thanks to Him for this new life He has given you. And, that mysterious donor.

    Peace be withyou.
    Zita (St Iggy)

  2. Thanks a lot Fr Luke for this most wonderful piece of news!!! I rejoice with you and join you in giving thanks and praise to our mighty God! It has been a real roller-coaster journey for you and us all when we first heard of your sickness - but knowing you (not personally) from your inspiring sermons as well as your disciplined healthy lifestyle, I have every confidence that you'll overcome this temporary trial and emerge ever stronger to lead, inspire and touch lives through your ministry!

  3. Praise the Lord! Alleluiia! God is good! He heard our cries and grant our prayers to keep His faithful son safe. Thank you dear Lord Jesus. We pray that your blessings be upon Fr Luke as he continue to recover . Mother Mary, thank you for your kind intercession to God for healing Fr Luke.

  4. Dear Father Luke,

    Halleujah! Praise the Lord! In yesterday's readings, we are aptly reminded that ours is a God not of the dead but of the living; on earth and hereafter. We have an awesome God!!

    We continue to pray for your full restoration to health. Take care!

    Best regards,

  5. Praise God in sickness.
    Praise God in health.
    Praise God in everything !

    I am sure I speak for everyone here that your joy is also ours. Our prayers for you continue. Rest well and come back even stronger, Fr. Luke.

  6. Dear Fr Luke,

    Peace to you and Thanks be to God for His Healing! May He continue to bless you in your priestly journey and Mother Mary watch over you always!

    God is Good

    Warmest Wishes,

  7. Dear Fr Luke,

    This is truly wonderful news. Your absolute faith in God as indeed been "vindicated" and I am sure, in doing so, has also strengthed the faith of many others, myself included.

    Praise and thanks be to God! May he continue to bless you on this road to full recovery!

  8. Alleluia! Thanks be to God. My girls will be happy to learn of your recovery!

    Much love & continued prayers,
    Jarrod, Sharon & the girls.

  9. Yay! Oops, I mean, praise the Lord!!! I'm glad to hear the good news this Monday morning. Mother Mary, thank you for your intercession.

  10. Praise the Lord for Fr Luke Fong's full recovery. God is indeed Almighty. Thank you Lord for answering all our prayers for Fr Luke Fong, whom you saved and restored to health in your infinite mercy, mystery and wisdom. May he discern your Will and do what you want him to do in this next lap of his journey in your service. Amen.

    1. Thank you also for the angel that you sent as the anonymous stem cell donor for Fr Luke.

  11. All Praise and Thanksgiving to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! Thank you Fr Luke for allowing yourself to be His instrument, God bless you always! jane

  12. Praise be Jesus Christ! Now and forever! See you in ministry soon!

  13. Jesus loves you, we trust in HIM. take care.

  14. God is truly faithful & good. Always seek His face, & He will walk before , & with you always. And I'd like to thank you Father, for being such a source of joy, comfort & strength. I'm currently waiting to undergo a BMT , and journeying with you through your weekly blog has brought me closer to our Lord. Thank you so much!

  15. For ever be thanks and praise be to Our Lord!

    Thank you for being the incredible witness that you have been Fr Luke!
    May God continue to shower his blessings upon you!

  16. Praise Our Lord indeed!!! He is truly faithful and loving! His mercy is never ending! Thank you Fr Luke for showing us what it means to have unceasing faith in Our Lord! May your Lord continue to bless you and your loved ones deeply!

  17. Dear Fr Luke

    I give thanks to God for healing you and in so doing answering our prayers.

    Hope to see you up and about soon!


  18. It is great that with God's mercy, you have been healed. Now you need to slowly get back to the task of healing others - people who are down and out, people who are lost, people who have lost Faith in God, people who are struggling in Life, etc, etc.

    It is time to stop branding people as Sunday Catholics and be thankful to God that these so-called Sunday Catholics, through low in Faith, are in Church week after week after week ... It gives the priests a chance to touch their hearts. Compare this to Europe, USA and the western countries, where the Churches are almost empty, with some old people.

    It is time to understand that struggles of the low and middle income and why many do not come forward to serve. It is time to reach out to them, based on what is termed as "needs based on the secular world" and therefore become "fishers of man" ... And from there, when we understand, empathize and help, spirituality will surely follow. We must be cunning as serpents and as harmless (and as simple) as doves.

  19. Dear Fr Luke,

    I give thanks to our Mother Mary for her intercession and to God for hearing, answering the prayers and bestowing His blessings on you.

    We will continue to keep you in our prayers.

    Hope to see you strong and healthy again to look after your sheep.


  20. What great news Fr Luke!!!

    I pray you continue to grow in strength quickly because I am very sure the Big Guy has got something HUGE lined up for you!!

    Please stay in touch and let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Hope we can catch up in December when we get back to Singapore.

    Love always,
    The Nairs in Manila

  21. Praise God!!...

    Fr Luke, you have been a beacon for all - in your weakness and in your strength, you have been a selfless instrument for God to bring his love and faithfulness to all who have come to encounter or "return" to Him with new faith, through you.
    Indeed we are thankful and we will continue to praise His Holy name for the grace we receive in each new day!

    Looking forward to see you around soon - but do rest well and recharge first! :D

    Carol Seow

  22. Praise The Lord !
    Thank you Lord for your Grace and Divine Healing for Fr Luke Fong.
    Praise and Glory to our Almighty God !

  23. hi, Father Luke, I had been following your blog since you started writing it. I couldn't find any more words to encourage you when I read on your illness as there were so many that were written. However, my family and I started to pray for your recovery every night before we sleep, and pray even more fervently whenever we know of your bad turn of condition. Sometimes, when I forgot to mention your name my 4 year old daughter, Therese, will remind me, Father Luke! Tonight, we can mention your name in the beingining of our prayers as we usually give thanks to God for his graces and blessings before we ask for intercession. How grateful and happy to know the fruition of our prayers, and to know God answers! We also thank Mother Mary and all the saints that are constantly praying with us and especailly Mother Mary for interceding in our prayers. I am sure many of us are rejoicing on your good news. I will offer today's mass for your thanksgiving and continue to pray for you. Looking forward to see you in church, and learning from your preaching and your inspiration.You had always inspired us with your preaching, and this past year you had truly inspired us on how to be a disciple of God. How your faith withstand all those trials and adversities! Take good care, our prayers are with you always! God Bless!!

    Patrick, Geslyn, Therese and Katrena-Marie

  24. Dear Fr Luke,
    This is really good news to learn that you are now cancer-free.
    Praise the Lord and thank you to Mother Mary for her intercession for you.
    May God continue to bless you and give you strength each day until you are fully recovered.
    Thanks be to God!
    - Peggy (HOSEA)

  25. Praise D Lord for his mercy n love. Am happy to know u are on the road to recovery.

  26. Dear Fr Luke

    This is GREAT news! Praise and thanksgiving be to the Almighty God forever and ever. Our faith and trust in HIM never fail us!

    With God's abundant blessings on you now and always,
    OLPS Parishioner

  27. Heavenly Father, We thank you for giving Fr. Luke back to us...he has more to give to this praying community. He makes us see things more clearly through his exquisite style of delivering Your message to the common people...and when he celebrates a mass or gives a talk, he engages his flock/ his audience to unite in giving praise to you.

    For this, we thank you O Lord. One day at a time and we will glorify your name to the fullest! Till then, we will persevere with the intercessions of your Holy Mother to be gracious and kind to all we meet...

    Your loving Catholic daughter, Mat.

  28. Praise God !!

    This is a great news, our community at Christ the King - family life rejoices at your healing. May you continue to do God's work according to His will with great courage, fervor and wisdom


  29. Praise the Lord and Thank You for the healing of Fr Luke. The Catholic community in Singapore will always be grateful for the awesome grace granted.

    It was only recently - just one month ago - that I got the link to Fr Luke's blog.

    Fr Luke, I only learnt that you were quite ill when I attended an intercessory prayer session at St Berns recently, some one asked us to lift our prayers for your healing. I never knew then that you were writing a blog. Never too late to find out, I believe.

  30. Praise the Lord...He is really mighty...He has healed you of your illness n now you are able to share this wonderful news with us..You have showed us that God is out there n that he cares n works wonders...Take care n have a speedy recovery...Our prayers are for you

  31. Praise the lord!it is only HE that can make the impossible possible. God bless!

  32. "But I laughed silently to myself that if this is rock bottom, I am still in a good place."

    Alleluia! Grateful to God for His mercy & compassion. God has blessed you/us and continues to do so everyday.May you/we continue to be aware of His many blessings ( even those in disguise) poured upon you/us each day.May it gladden your heart and be a balm for you recovery. God bless.

    "A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." Proverbs 17:22

  33. Praise the Lord! Thank you Jesus for thine mercy, love and faithfulness. So happy for you, Fr Luke! May God continue to bless you for a complete recovery soonest

    Francesca (St Iggy)

  34. Dear Fr Luke,

    Alleluia! Alleluia! All glory and endless praise to the Lord.
    I rejoice with you on the wonderful news that you are now cancer-free.
    I must let you know that I fwd your blogs to those who are also suffering to encourage and give them hope.
    God's continuous blessings for a full recovery.

  35. We praise You Father, we worship You, and we glorify You.
    Heavenly Father, You have been so faithful to all of us, loving us unconditionally,
    and full of compassion for us. How can we thank You enough? And yet, You have no need for our praises. But still, you wait for us to be faithful to you.
    Thank You Father for what You have done for Fr. Luke. You not only provided him a donor, You also ensured that it was a perfect match, and that through this. Fr. Luke would recover. And he has Father. Thank You so very much.
    You have taught us, through this event, to persevere in prayer. Fr. Luke's healing is also a healing for so many of us. We cannot thank you enough.
    Praise be to you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory. Hallelujah! Amen.

    raymund (Emmanuel CPG, St. Anthony's)

  36. Praise The Lord !

  37. Dear Lord, thank you very much for journeying with Father Fong during his moments of trial. Thank you Mother Mary for your intercession. Please continue to watch over him and give him strength in his moments of weakness. Father Fong, keep up your positive spirit.
    Joanne (OLSS)

  38. Dear Father Luke

    What magnificent news! You were indeed exemplary in the way you fought the good fight. God must be saying “Rise and go, your faith has made you well” (Luke 17:19).


  39. I am delighted to hear this news.
    May God continue to heal you.

  40. Our God is an awesome God and He will feed my lambs. Alleluia, Praise the Lord for He is good all the time!!
    With best wishes and hope that you'll be back preaching.
    Patrick, St. Anne's Church

  41. Praise the Lord for His love and mercy.
    We look forward to Fr Luke's continuing journey with us.

  42. Fr Luke thanks be to God who makes his many miracles known to us. May He make you a more effective instrument of His love to others in your second chance. Your good news comes at a time when I personally need some. So thank you for sharing!-Meg

  43. Dear Fr Luke

    Praise The Lord!

    The hymn from mass yesterday I Know That My Redeemer Lives has been playing in my head up til this morning, and reading your post with the lush verdant background was specially poignant.

    Thank God for His Grace and your bearing faithful, humble witness to the faith. You've served as strength and inspiration to those of us battling our own "cancers" metaphorically.

    God bless!

  44. Dear Father Luke,
    This is the best Christmas gift we have received from God - that you have been healed!! I know many have stormed heaven to plead and pray for your speedy recovery. Alleluia....To God in the highest!! May his glory continue to work
    & shine on those who believe in him. Praise God FOREVER!!

  45. Thank you God.
    Thank you Mary.

    For you have looked upon us and gave us your healing power and saving grace.

    With this new life. May it bear fruits so that all will rejoice in thy heavenly name.


  46. Dear Fr Luke, I am so very happy for you. I will continue praying for you to get stronger in your health. Take care and rest well.
    Dear God, thank You for healing Fr Luke. This tells me how much You love Fr Luke. Please continue to watch over him so that he will get back his strength. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You God! Amen

  47. praise the lord
    great to hear this fr luke
    do help us all who still struggle with our challenges and illnesses

  48. Praise the Lord! That's wonderful news, Fr Luke!

    The Servos and William families, IHM

  49. Dear Fr. Luke

    Your joy is ours too! Our God is ever awesome! With special thanks to His angels n saints especially mama Mary, St Jude, St José Maria for interceding for us! Glory & praise to Our God! ��

  50. Dear Fr Luke, After these long months of anxiety over your health, so so happy and relieved to hear you are cancer free. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord. Thank you Almighty Father for answering our prayers - you heard our pleas! Please continue to nurse Fr Luke back to health so that he can go back to finish his studies and serving your people after that!

  51. Father Luke Fong, Deo Gratias for His great love and benevolence! indeed, it is great to know that you are now liberated! Praise be to God who never leaves us alone nor abandoned.

    some months ago, I prayed next to you at the Adoration Room at the Retreat Centre and I must say that I could sense God's presence in you as you prayed and meditated before the Blessed Sacrament.

    indeed, God is very near you and He has been next to you, all the way, He has heard your prayers and blessed you most abundantly! He never left you in good times and in bad.

    Father, I promise my continued prayers for you and may I wish you Jesus - for He is the only Healer who heals all our pains and illnesses as He is the Lord, the Giver of Life and the Lord of the Resurrection! Happy New Life, Father Luke!

    Pax et Bonum
    Seeing Is Believing
    11 November 2013 11.16pm

  52. To God be the Glory

  53. All honour & praise to You, Lord, for healing Fr. Luke. I'm so happy that I want to cry ........... Please continue to strengthen him so that he can minister to your flock
    soon, which I believe is what Fr Luke is looking forward to do. May you also bless all his benefactors, especially his Bone Marrow Donor, his caregivers & the medical team attending to him, abundantly!

    Thank you Fr Luke for sharing this marvellous news with us. Right now the hymn 'The Canticle of the Sun' keeps resonating in my head ....... Rejoice with me!


  54. Thank you for showing us what Faith is Father Luke! Excited to see how God will use you as His powerful and faithful healer!
    Peace always,
    Serena Angelyn

  55. We jump for joy though you can't and we share in your heartfelt, spirit-filled gratitude to God who has been most merciful and loving to you, as he has been to us. May your pain subside from now on and you grow in strength and energy. With God by our side, Ignatius & Florence

  56. Great news & praise the Lord! Our prayers are answered & another miracle performed!
    Fr. Luke, I am almost into tears as I read this good news of yours. I was praying for you during the last sunday mass & you are truly in God's favour.
    God has also sent the message to my problem of giving up myself to fate than to live in His faith. It truly waken my spirit up again & make awareness for me to return to the Light & stay positive under His wings.
    Thank you, Lord & thank you, Fr Luke...may you have a speedy recovery. Amen.

  57. Dear Fr Luke,

    Our Lord TRULY loves you! B'cos GOD is LOVE!!!

    As in the homily last Sun by our priest here in SYD, I can only say... "yr tent" here on earth is yet to be folded. Hee hee hee!

    GOD loves you.

    4-of-us here in SYD

  58. Thank you Lord, for hearing our prayers for Fr Luke.

    Dear Father Luke,
    Thank you for the spiritual guidance you provide in your weekly blog. I look forward to your inspiring blog every Monday. May God continue to bless and protect you.

  59. Heavenly Father, we can never be grateful enough for your wonderous gifts. Our thanks can never match your enormous generosity, grace and love. But seldom is your love more deserved than your healing of Fr Luke for which we thank you most profoundly. And we thank you even more deeply for the strength you have bestowed on Fr Luke to shoulder his suffering, who through his blog inspires us in our daily struggle. We can only leave him in Your hands, dear Lord, for whatever is in Your plan for Fr Luke.

  60. Praise the Lord! It is great news. Am going to cry........ Thank you Lord Jesus for answering our prayers for Father Luke. Thank you Mother Mary for your intercession. Keeping you in prayers always. God love you.

  61. Dear Heavenly Father,

    I know that you are here.
    I know that you love Fr Luke.
    I know that you love humanity.
    I know that you will continue to heal Fr Luke.
    Praise the Lord! Amen.

    God Bless
    Chris Minjoot

  62. PRAISE and GLORY be to our Trinitarian God who loves us unceasingly, protects and guides our every movement. We know you will continue to work in our lives and an enriched prayerlife is the minimum that we can do to live in holiness.

    We give thanks to our Trinitarian God for gracing Fr Luke with good health and wish Fr Luke PINK of HEALTH soon.

    Anna and children

  63. Heavenly Father,

    For the month of November 2013, Our Holy Father's prayer intentions is to pray for priests.

    Lord, please accept our sincere thanks for Your healing of Father Luke Fong.

    Deo Gratias for your great love and mercy towards your servant, Father Luke Fong and especially for your magnanimity and generosity to heal him and relieve him of the cross of leukaemia.

    O God of Heaven and Earth, Healer of Life, please continue to bestow your choicest blessings upon Father Luke Fong and upon all our clergy in Singapore and all over the world. Father God, please bless each and every priest who had said Yes to you, to serve You and to work in Your vineyard. Keep each of them to remain ever faithful to You, always. Amen.

    Pax et Bonum.
    Seeing Is Believing
    12 November 2013 1:10pm

  64. Praise the lord. My tears of joy rolled down at this piece of great news.

  65. Praise be to our Heavenly Father for his goodness, mercy and everlasting love. We give thanks and glory to God for blessing and healing our dear Fr Luke. Thank you Lord for hearing our prayers.

  66. I'm so happy for you Fr. Luke. Thank God!

  67. Dear Father Luke

    Dear Father Luke
    God has worked a miracle in your life.
    Truly God is great and God is good.
    Praise the Lord

  68. Thanks be to God for healing you Fr. Luke, it is good to hear that you are well and convalescing at home

  69. Dear Father Luke

    I am so glad that you are cancer-free now! Praise the Lord for He is good!

    I attach here a thanksgiving hymn that we sang at IHM last Sunday evening (10 Nov). This hymn never fails to touch me and I know it would to you too!

    Josephine Fong

    Thanks be to God whose love has gathered us today;
    Thanks be to God who helps and guides us on our way.
    Thanks be to God who gives us voice that we may thank him:
    Deo gratias, Deo gratias,
    Thanks be to God most high.

    Thanks be to God for all the gifts of life and light;
    Thanks be to God whose car protects us day and night.
    Thanks be to God who keeps in mind us who forgets him:
    Deo gratias, Deo gratias,
    Thanks be to God most high.

    Thanks be to God who knows our secret thoughts and fears;
    Thanks be to God who when we call him always hear.
    Thanks be to God our rock and strength ever sustaining:
    Deo gratias, Deo gratias,
    Thanks be to God most high.

    Thanks be to God who never turns his face away;
    Thanks be to God who heals and pardons all who stray.
    Thanks be to God who welcomes us into the kingdom:
    Deo gratias, Deo gratias,
    Thanks be to God most high.

    Thanks be to God who made our world and all we see;
    Thanks be to God who gave His Son to set us free.
    Thanks be to God whose Spirit brings warmth and rejoicing:
    Deo gratias, Deo gratias,
    Thanks be to God most high.

  70. Praise the Lord! And Thank you Fr Luke for bringing 'The Good News' to us in such a literal dimension and for sharing and allowing us to journey with you. God truly works in mysterious ways beyond our human understanding, We give thanks and rejoice with you as you embark on this new beginning. Rest well! SUsanna (IHM)

  71. Dear Fr Luke thank you for this beautiful piece of news and let us Praise the Lord unitedly and give Him Thanks and Glory to him.Amen.We pray that you will be strengthened both physically and spiritually to do His Will here on earth.
    God is Love.:)

  72. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow. Fr. Luke, God love you. God love the donor. This is a miracle. We thank God for your family. We thank God for your doctors, nurses, and caregivers. We thank God for your brother priests, religous brothers and sisters. We thank God for your friends. We thank God for all who love you as their priest and friend. We thank God most of all for His Beloved Son Jesus Christ our Saviour Lord. We thank God for His Holy Spirit. We thank God for Mother Mary, Saint Joseph, All Saints and Angels.

  73. Dear Lord, thank you for your compassion and mercy. Thank you for the grace of a second lease of earthly life for Father Luke. Thank you for giving us the grace of more days of Father Luke's sharing. Lord, we bless you, we thank you, we glorify you, we love you. Lord, as Father Luke walks the journey to full recovery, we pray you continue to guide and guard him always. In Jesus' name. Amen.

  74. My Lord my God,

    O wonderful & faithful God. Almighty God! Heavenly Father! You who have loved us from eternity to eternity. I praise you & I love you! I thank you for the gift of Fr. Luke, thank you for giving him health, liberating him from this sickness he bore as you continue to bless us with his life. Thank you for the stem cell donor and all who selflessly sought to save lives. Thank You God, for all your blessings!

    (How great is our God, sing with me, how great is our God! My heart will sing how great… is our God… )

    Thank you Mother Mary and all saints invoked for all your divine intercessions! Please continue to pray with us, to protect Fr. Luke & all priests & religious who stood out to serve & love with their lives! Nurture them dear mother; our spiritual guides, hold them safely in your motherly bosom, and shielding them from all harm.

    Thank You God. ;}

  75. Dear heavenly father, we thank you for your kind mercy on fr luke fong. thank you for curing him of the dreadful disease. we praise you for your almighty love dear lord. may you continue to sustain fr luke fong spiritually and physically as he embarks on this healing journey. we praise you and glorify you in jesus' name. amen.

  76. Fr Luke,

    In tears when I read that you are now cancer free. Praise to our almighty God who is so so good and faithful. Yeah, we can continue to read your inspiring blog and to hear your homily in person before too long.

    he answers our prayers!

  77. Thank You dear Jesus for hearing our cries and pleas. Thank you dear Mother for praying with us. Thank You dearest Father for holding onto frLuke in his journey of faith and trust and loving You.


  78. Amid his bodily and mental sufferings, he marched on placing his life and trust in your hands. Thank you Lord that Fr Luke is now cancer-free!! Alleluia Praise the Lord, Amen.

  79. Lyrics of THERE'S NO GREATER LOVE, You loved me,
    When I was so unlovely,
    You sought me
    When I was lost;

    You showed me
    How much You really loved me,
    When You bought me
    At the highest cost

    There’s no greater love than this,
    There’s no greater love than this,
    That a man would give his life for a friend;
    There’s no higher sacrifice
    Than a man would give his life,
    You have paid
    A precious price for me

    You chose me,
    When I was so unworthy
    You cleansed me
    With Your own blood;
    You clothed me
    With righteousness and mercy,
    And You crowned me
    With Your steadfast love

    There’s no greater love than this,
    There’s no greater love than this,
    That a man would give his life for a friend;
    There’s no higher sacrifice
    Than a man would give his life,
    You have paid
    A precious price for me

    You have paid
    A precious price for me…


  80. lily ( 13, 2013 at 8:05 PM

    Dear Father Luke, The Lord is great and wonderful. He takes care of all His flocks never leaving anyone's deep prayers specially His priest.
    When our lips can not speak and our words not enough to says our thanksgiving. Our soul and actions speaks praise for the Lord our god Our Healer.

    My child you are my beloved and I love you says the Lord Jesus.

    God bless Father.

  81. Dear Father Luke,

    I hope that all articles in this blog should be published in a book so that many people can be inspired and recover their love in God.

    My prayer always with you. Thank you.

  82. Dear Fr Luke

    After going through Gethsamane you now have NEW LIFE!
    Thank you Jesus for the gift of the stem donor and the Medical Team who nursed you back to health.

    I will not die but live and declare the works of God(Ps. 118:17)
    God Bless You!

    Anna Chia

  83. Abba Father,

    Thanks and Praise and Honour and Glory to your Name now and always and forevermore!! I know that you are an ever-forgiving and loving Father who always have an added twist in the scripts of our lives. We only need to surrender totally and trust YOU that the twist in "our" script of life would always be greater than what what we can see or predict. And at times when we can't see that, help us to TRUST in YOU and allow YOU to lead us!!

    Mother Mary, we thank you for your continuous intecession and prayers for all of us especially for all your priest sons. Teach us and lead us as we strive to get closer to your SON, our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    Holy Spirit, continue to pour down your Holy power and healing to Fr Luke Fong and all religious who are not in their best of health. May Your healing touch and comfort be upon all of them, now and always and forevermore!!


  84. Praise God !! We are all so delighted that you are healed. God is good !! I would also like to thank you Fr. Luke for your inspiring blogs which have been such a great testimony of your faith and love and it has been the best way you could have evangelised to us. May the good Lord continue to shower His blessings on you, His faithful priest !

  85. With grateful thanks to you, Blessed Mother for your intercessions on every rosary that was recited for Father Luke, his kindest donor, the medical professionls and his caregivers. Within our heart, Lord, thanking you for your Mercy and Compassionate Love that is gracing Father Luke. May you continue to be by his side to give strength and perservance on his road to full recovery. Like St Luke, may he be your witnesses to heal all God's children on earth with Love and Joy. + <3

  86. Fr Luke, we have been praying with you and for you and we give Thanks to the Lord that in His wisdom he has seen it fit that like St Paul, you should continue to shepherd his flock here on earth. Your posting also reminded me of a recent reflection from a neighbour of mine who lost his 19 year old nephew to aneurism that we should always give Thanks to the Lord even when our prayers may not have been answered in the manner we desired. Personally, my wife and I also share the same view because although she has lived longer than the initial statistical assessment of her oncologist (discovered she had pancreatic cancer in Mar 2011) she cannot be in remission or cancer free. But we live each new day which the Lord grants to us that we are with each other and praise and give him Thanks in our daily prayers.
    May the good Lord continue to bless you always!

  87. Heavenly Father
    We praise and thank you for healing your chosen One. Many of us are inspired by Father Luke's sharing. May you continue to protect him and all the priests. Mother Mary, thank you for your intercession.
    Honour and Praise to you, Lord!

    Jocelyn Lim

  88. Praise the LORD!!

  89. We praise and thank the Lord for answering all our prayers for you, fr Luke! You have been in our prayers in SDVP ever since we heard of your illness. Pat and I are relative dinosaurs at this technology and I had to ask a few people how to do this. Kind friends like some of your fellow priests have kept us up to date and we have always been encouraged by your great faith and optimism. Our continued prayers for a full recovery and hope to see you around the parishes in good time! God bless and keep you well! May

  90. Heavenly Father, we thank you for revealing Your plan to Fr Luke through his suffering. We continue to pray to You to grant Fr Luke grace and strength in his new life.

    In following his cancer journey, may we not forget that You never forsake us in our trials when we place our full trust and faith in You; and that whatever the outcome, we abide in Your love.

    Your loving children,
    Harold & Ivy

  91. "LOVE bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things"
    1 Corinthians 13:7

    In the end, it is all about LOVE.


  92. Hallelujah, God Be Praised! Thank God for his grace and mercy.

    Patrick & Carol

  93. Dear Father Luke,
    Praise the Lord!!! You have been a great source of inspiration to me and my family. We are overjoyed to hear such a wonderful news on you being cancer free. Yes, indeed our God is an awesome God. We know there is a greater purpose on what you are going through. You have led by example on how to take challenges and ordeal in stride and faithfully. You have reminded others how we should surrender our troubles and trust the Lord.

    May God continue to bless you!

  94. Praise be to God for your healing Fr Luke. We look forward to having you back in church and listening to your sermons. Till then rest well - you have much to do when you are back on the circuit. The flock needs passionate and committed priests like you.

  95. Father GOD,
    Thank You for healing Fr. Luke.

  96. Dear Lord
    I thank you for healing Fr Luke as his work is not completed. There is still so much for him to be done. As you have granted him your loving and wonderful graces, let him in turn touch many, many lives, and share your love and encounter with all.
    I cannot thank you enough Heavenly Father, for giving Fr Luke an extension of his life. I look forward and hope to have a chance to hear him preach and celebrate mass.
    Thanks be to God, Yay, be to God.

    From, Bibik Assam

  97. Dear Fr Luke,
    Heard the news about you and just searched for your blog. So the Lord is not calling you yet. Means you carry on your calling here and help save more souls. Thank you for all you have done for your fellow beings and may God grant you the health to do more. God bless you. Amen.

  98. Dear Father Luke
    It is with joy that I read this blog. Our Father has heard our prayers for you!
    Thank you Lord for your divine mercy and healing hands upon your good shepherd. Thank you Blessed Mother for your many prayers and intercessions for your Son's faithful disciple. Thank you Holy Spirit for touching the heart of the donor. And a big thank you to the mystery donor for his big heart. May God bless you always.
    God love you Father Luke! May our Lord continue to heal you till full recovery.

  99. Dear Father Luke ,
    I am really glad that you have recovered from your illness. Thanks to our Almighty God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thanks to Mother Mary and all the Saints for their intercession and not forgetting the doctors, nurses and the mysterious donor
    I have really good nostalgia when you came to my home a few times to celebrate our NCC gathering a few years ago. You commented that you like the 'Holy Pictures' we put up on our altar and walls. We appreciated that compliment.
    Recently I was hospitalized and was surgically operated on. I was in great pain before the surgery. I shouted in my heart why God abandoned me and let me drowned in pains. Nevertheless I kept on praying. My NCC and Neo Cat friends prayed for me and delivered Eucharist for me in the hospital. After 2 months, I have slowly recovered from my sickness. Thanks to our Lord for his mercy and my Catholic friends for their prayers.
    Father Luke, you will definitely recover fully in time to come. All of us will keep on praying for your quick recovery.

  100. I am very happy for you Luke! It is really a journey and we enter into it, step by step.. and guess what? you are not alone.. all of us are walking with you. So may you continue to trust in Him who holds you tenderly in the palm of His Hand. Love from Roma!

  101. Thank you Dear Jesus, Thank you Dear Mother Mary for your intercession. Father Luke, I am so happy to hear you are doing well. We will keep on praying for you complete recovery.

  102. Ave Maria, to the Mother and Protectress of Priests! I know this comes a little late but still... Ave Maria!!