Monday, May 6, 2013

No post this week

This week's entry is held over.  This round of chemotherapy has been particularly tough and challenging.


  1. I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much. ~Mother Teresa

    Hang in there Fr Luke, you'll be alright. You're always in our prayers.


  2. Jiayou, Father Luke!!! I'm keeping you in my prayers!

  3. Our prayers for you and with you Father.

  4. May the Divine Light Shine upon you and comfort you Fr Luke.We miss you!!!:)
    God Bless.

  5. Dear Luke

    The effect of the Chemo has certainly worn you off.

    I wish you speedy recovery in the name of Mother Mary.


  6. May the good Lord sustain you, Father!

  7. Your "silence" above is powerful stuff!

    The few words on the blog reminded me of the “gift of death” mentioned in Fr Ronald Rolheiser’s “Radical Discipleship". Append is an excerpt:

    Quote. As Christians, we believe that Jesus lived for us and that he died for us, that he gave us both his life and his death. But we often fail to distinguish that there are two clear and separate movements here: Jesus gave his life for us in one movement, and he gave his death for us in another. He gave his life for us through his activity, through his generative actions for us; and he gave his death through his passivity, through absorbing in love the helplessness, diminutions, humiliations, and loneliness of dying. Unquote.

    Because of your generous “gift of life” in your earlier blogs (to be able to love, to hope, to pray among other activities even when we suffer), your silence forces me to meditate on the powerlessness and lonesomeness during these tough and challenging moments. I may have been with you in companionship and in prayer, but there will come a time when you have to be alone in the Garden sweating blood.

    In moments like this, all I can say is that I am a stone’s throw away. Not sleeping. But watching you, having your back, and praying for you. Soldier on, Father!